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Consulting / Service


Consulting / Service

Consulting, Installation, Trouble Shooting Services

A variety of consulting, installation, trouble shooting services are provided by Tarmac. These services are available for all makes and models of thermal drying plants and also the air pollution control and electrical systems.

  • Mass Balance Studies
  • Operation Training: Available at your site. Training available at our office is particularly helpful while waiting on the arrival of a new system.
  • Complete Plant Consumption Review: Study includes the reviews below and balancing the plant for production and efficiency.
  • Maximizing RAP and RAS Use:
    Study includes methods of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Paving) and RAS (Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles) entry and maximum percent of material. In addition, reduction of blue smoke and hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Warm Mix: Study of expected mix and gas temperature and especially return on investment.
  • Dryer Burner and Flight Review:
    Includes study of rotational speed, flight material quality, veiling efficiency, burner CO output, trunnion adjustment, tire support, air leakage and methods to gas discharge temperatures.
  • Air Pollution Control Review: Includes study of pressure drop across system, fan sizing and primary collector efficiency.
  • Material Handling Review: Includes study of virgin, RAP, AC metering, mineral filler and liquid anti-strip system.
  • Liquid Asphalt Storage: Study includes review of tank insulation, pipe insulation and heating methods.


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