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Thermal Soil Remediation




What Is Soil Remediation?

Thermal soil remediation is treating hydrocarbon contaminated soils (solids) with heat in a rotary dryer (desorber). Heat volatilizes the hydrocarbons into a vapor, leaving the soils remediated. Soil, oil field waste, refinery waste, tank bottoms can be thermally treated and remediated. Both Direct Fired and Indirect Fired rotary drying remediation systems are built by Tarmac International, Inc.

Tarmac: A Plant System Equipment Manufacturer

For more than 20 years, Tarmac International, Inc. has built complete thermal soil remediation plants worldwide. Our thermal soil remediation plants have production rates from 5 to 80 tons per hour. Systems can be portable or stationary. Tarmac International, Inc. designs and builds all components of the system.

Air Pollution Control:

After hydrocarbons are vaporized from the soil, the mission is to clean the rotary dryer off-gas with the following equipment components:

DIRECT FIRED PLANTS: cyclone, oxidizer, cooling heat exchanger, baghouse and acid gas scrubber

INDIRECT FIRED PLANTS: cyclone, high temperature baghouse, quench, acid gas scrubber and oxidizer



Production In US Tons/Hour Dryer Diameter BTU Dryer (In Million) BTU Oxidizer (In Million) ACFM Baghouse
5-10 4.5′ (1.37M) 15.9 13.6 12,944
20 5.5′ (1.68M) 21.3 18.2 17,259
25 7.0′ Standard (2.13M) 26.6 22.7 21,574
30 7.0′ Super (2.13M) 31.9 27.2 25,889
40 8.5′ (2.59M) 42.5 36.3 34,518
80 10.0′ (2.74M) 85 72.6 69,036

Assumes 15% moisture by total weight, 800 F Soil Discharge Temperature, 1,562 F Oxidizer Temperature, 500’ Elevation. Fuel Rates From Combination of Burner Fuel and Hydrocarbon In Soil


Production In US Tons/Hour Dryer Diameter BTU Required in MM BTU/HR Dryer Method of Oil Recovery
5 – 7 7′ (2.13M) 14 Condensing
10 – 15 9′ (2.74M) 30 Condensing

Assumes 600 F (315 C) Soil Discharge Temperature and 1,562 F (850 C) in Oxidizer
10 -15% Moisture Removal By Total Weight


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